The Milestone of Multi-Tasking Personality
Hooman Khalili

Posted On January 14, 2023

As the saying goes, "Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life."
Exercising an activity that brings you joy can benefit your professional and personal life. If you are enthusiastic to adopt something new and unique, then you need to practise it daily to be a perfect one in those skills. One of those people who has the capability of multitasking is Hooman Khalili.

Hooman Khalili comes in as one of the personalities who can perform multifaceted skills. He was a morning show radio personality in the San Francisco Bay Area on Alice Radio 97.3 FM (CBS Radio). He has been part of the Sarah and Vinnie morning show for 21 years (1999 - Dec of 2020). Being a senior contributor, He worked for phone screening, movie reviews, and celebrity interviewer for various shows.

He has latent skills of communication and this talent provided him an opportunity to interview countless celebrities including Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Donald Trump, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Harrison Ford, Jerry Seinfeld, George Lucas, Maroon 5, 50 Cent, and Hooman was the last person who had a words with Hunter S. Thompson before he died.

While working with Red Carpet enterprises, he interviewed for The Grammies, MTV Video Music Awards, the CBS Fall Television Lineup from 2003- 2010 the Sundance Film Festival, and Superbowl 50. Hooman has contributed with various movie enterprises and promotion of over 1000 movies in 20 years. It needs a lot of dedication and hard work.

In 2006, Hooman’s voice led a new version of the population as he participated in the Pixar animated movie “Cars”.

In 2008 Hooman created the #1 most viewed non-partisan video to get the youth of America to vote in the presidential election. The video received 5.1 million views on YOUTUBE and ended up in the museum of Radio and Television in NYC.

After struggling a lot, In 2011, Hooman successfully covered OLIVE the 1st benchmark of full length feature film which was entirely shot on a cell phone. As a result, OLIVE qualified for the academy awards in 2011. In South Africa with Bruce Wilkinson’s team, and independently in Costa Rica, Armenia, Bali, Honk Kong, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Greece, Uganda and South Sudan Hoomans main mission field over the past 20 years has been San Francisco where he helps the homeless.

Hooman was also chosen as the director of St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in San Francisco under Father Gregory Ofiesh.
Coming to his childhood, Khalili was born in Muslim community of Iran, but was whisked away with his mother to America. After a long time, Khalil’s mother got support from a nearby church and after her own prayers were answered, she turned into a Christain.

Back to his social workfront, He has appeared in multiple noteworthy human rights cases as well as represented ill children suffering with cancer by creating movies with them in their hospital rooms with the motive of spreading joy and igniting their imaginations plus Hooman is also an women’s rights activist. He is struggling to provide rights and freedoms for womens living in Iran and all over the world, since November 1st 2022.

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